Yuteki Tnmoku is an oil spot effect that occurs when there is an overload of iron oxide which is allowed to cool slowly and forms effulgent spots on the surface. It is a very difficult technique.The name “Yuteki tenmoku” is said to be from the point where its beauty is like an oil droplet. Today it is called oil droplet Tenmoku tea but in the Muromachi Period(14th century)it was called “Yuteki”, “Yuteki tenmoku”. Please enjoy the Japanese traditional culture wabi sabi world with green tea with this Japanese Matcha bowl.

Product Features

  • Size : H2.5″ x Dia 3.9″. Compact size matcha bowl.
  • Made in Japan matcha bowl tea cup green tea Chawan
  • Available to use dishwasher and microwave
  • This product is made hand so it may have a little difference in color and form.

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