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“The World of Tomorrow”- it was the theme of the ground-breaking 1939 World’s Fair held in New York City. Fittingly, it was there that the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) excitedly revealed the advent of broadcast television.

Television ultimately transformed entertainment and revolutionized the way we see the world. In this intriguing program, THE HISTORY CHANNEL® chronicles the incredible story of television: from the ideas of Philo Farnsworth, a Utah farm boy who developed the first working system in 1925, to the 21st-century technological breakthroughs currently reshaping the medium.

Interviews with media moguls and TV personalities, including legendary anchorman Walter Cronkite, provide an inside look into the industry while broadcast pioneers recall patent battles, competing systems, and the astounding innovation that defined the early years of television.

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  • From the vision of a Utah farm boy to the most popular form of entertainment in the world, here is the remarkable tale of the television. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES Rating: NR Age: 733961719369 UPC: 733961719369 Manufacturer No: AAE-71936