Just like Pinterest, the Covert Pinpress Theme has a “nag” area at the top. It can be enabled or disabled using the theme’s option panel.

The nag bar is actually a widget area (similar to sidebar widget areas – Covert Pinpress sidebars are covered in this post). If enabled, whatever you put into the widget area is displayed in the tannish/gold box at the top. In the above picture, a 468×60 Adsense ad is displayed using a “text” widget.

An introduction (about me), instructions, a sales message or prompt, or an ad from another ad network could be displayed just as easily.

Very easy to use and control. I like it. My suggestion would be to allow controlling the size of the box, but that is likely to occur in later updates.

You can get your Pinterest Theme for WordPress here. Get it today. You won’t regret it. I love mine.