You can live the life you want anywhere in the world. You can be a digital homesteader.

Thanks to digital technology such as social media, you can connect with the people who will help you, buy your products and services and provide inspiration as you pursue your frontier.

The challenge for digital homesteaders is becoming digitally literate by knowing which tools to use and how to use those tools. Thus this book. Through stories, tutorials and inspiration, we help you choose the tools you need to create your homestead.

Learn which social media tools to use and how to use them with strategies and tutorials on:
-Google Plus

Additionally, learn how to take the leap and start your own business, grow your current business or improve the community you live in with Field Notes from successful entrepreneurs:
-Chris Guillebeau
-Pamela Slim
-Srinivas Rao
-Becky McCray
-Many successful local businesses and marketers

This book is perfect for:
-Marketers looking to improve their skills
-Business owners trying to choose the best digital options
-Moms (and dads) wanting to learn how to effectively use social media

You hold the power to start your digital homestead. Let this Field Guide encourage you to strike the first nail.

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