In Jan. 2010, I became the Social Media manager for an international nonprofit organization, the Facebook fan page and Twitter accounts were only at a couple hundred followers and the growth was non-existant. Fast forward to Oct. 2012 the Facebook Fan page hit One Million fans and the Twitter hit 750 thousand followers. On Mar. 2013, the Facebook fan page hit 1.5 Million fans and the Twitter hit 950 thousand followers.

The tipping point came in Oct. 2010 when the organization, after developing a social media team and strategy, integrating social media into their external marketing and getting the CEO to get more active in social media, decided to have an online event where they would interact live with this new found social media audience. Once this event was a resounding success, Social Media was now a significant part of the marketing and overall strategy.

With this type of success it is now time to help others achieve these results and learn how to best use Social Media and thus How to Get One Million Social Media Fans was written and the workshop developed. How to Get One Million Social Media Fans is a training of strategies and how-to methods, developed by myself on how to effectively Take Your Social Media to the Next Level.

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

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