Learn how to Pin It to Profit using Pinterest, an explosive new way to share images and great finds. Pinterest not only lets you find and store those clippings, it lets you share them! Combined with social networking, your links (aka “pins”) get rapidly shared by the growing ranks of Pinterest users. It’s time you get into Pinterest to share your favorite finds and promote your business.

Authors Cheryl DeWolfe, Mike DeWolfe and Dave Robinson help you understand Pinterest and show you how to market your images, links, products and branding via Pinterest. Follow the guidelines in Pin It to Profit to help you make your content popular. Learn how pinning works, how you can follow the rules of Pinterest to succeed, and how to build ranks of followers who will re-pin your work and spread your pins to viral success.

Use Pin It To Profit to get your head start in Pinterest, build your fame, and blaze a trail to social networking success.