With Pinterest Kickstart, readers can get started enjoying the cool features of the unique, taste-sharing website that's experienced 815% growth in the last few months of 2011. This handy, full-color guide provides readers with a quick deep dive into Pinterest—what it is and how to use it; practical projects for individuals and groups; and some advanced techniques. The chapters move readers quickly through initial set up to exploring the most popular Pinners to finding other appealing boards to creating their own boards. “Now You Know” sidebars in each chapter provide step-by step-solutions for gotchas, undocumented strategies, and informative details on product use. The series premise of Kickstart is to dispense with unnecessary preamble and use straightforward descriptions as well as step-by-step details to get users up and running quickly and create savvy users from novices. Readers will See how it's done with tons of color screenshots that offer the exact same experience readers will see onscreen to provide easy familiarity with the Pinterest interface 25+ project ideas of different kinds of boards—grouping decor ideas; planning and documenting home improvement projects; planning an event and organizing guests and vendors; fundraising for a non-profit; collecting genealogy information; and more Tips and Now You Know sidebars offer solutions to potential pitfalls Speed up proficiency with a new technology Learn ways to use Pinterest for a business and as a product marketing tool Take this portable guide anywhere

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