Learn How to Leverage the Power of Visual Marketing
If your customers are on Pinterest, you need to be there too!
I know: You’re too busy running your business or trying to figure out how to market your company on yet another social media site. Pinterest, however, is not just another pretty (digital) face. Pinterest is a snapshot of personality and it also just may be one of the best tools ever invented to increase sales for your business
This site wasn’t even conceptualized until 2009; it now has 25 million unique monthly visitors and a valuation of $2.9 billion as of February 2013–up a cool billion from May 2012.
If headlines such as ‘Pinterest Users Spend Way More Money Than Facebook Users’ haven’t gotten your attention, perhaps you’ve been busy doing the wrong things to market your business.  
When a fashion website studied the habits of 50,000 of its shoppers, it found that those clicking over from Pinterest spend an average of $180, compared to $85 for those routed from Facebook. The site also found that its shoppers would rather spend their time browsing the company’s pinboard than its website.
Okay, that all sounds good, but how do you get passionate Pinners to buy your products? Let an online marketing pro take you by the hand and teach you how to use Pinterest to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, get leads, increase sales, do market research, test new product concepts, and educate your customers. Pinterest Marketing: The Ultimate Guide concludes with a 15-step plan to meet all your pinning goals.
You’ll quickly learn how to:
  • set up a business account
  • create and use group & secret boards
  • schedule your pins
  • get followers & increase traffic to your site
  • take the visual conversation outside Pinterest
  • do SEO for Pinterest
  • cash in with Pinterest
  • measure & track results
As a bonus, the book gives you 30+ tools to save time and get better results on Pinterest. Before you start your Pinterest journey, make sure you’re ready for new traffic or orders. If you do it right, Pinterest will outmarket Facebook or Twitter for you.

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