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Pinterest Marketing for Blogger, cook book authors and other artists

This is a guide to Pinterest Marketing success to provide insights to all business owners and marketers who want to grow business and expand social media reach. In this book you will get some more information about pinterest, what pinterest is and which features of pinterest you can use in your social media marketing strategy. If you want to know, how you can boost your business traffic, learn more about others and do it the same way or improve it further. Pinterest Marketing: Pinterest for Blogger. Pinterest book for your social media marketing and business growth. Pinterest for dummies for your business. Use pinterest power as a cook book author.

What you will find in this book? Get a complete step by step guide to Pinterest using Pinterest for business marketing and learn why it is important for your online business. You also will learn which features are available and how to use them. Also, you will get some success examples for pinterest marketing campaigns, so you can adapt it or get some idea for you start.

Chapter Overview

  • Chapter 1: What is Pinterest?
  • Get an in-depth background of the app; what it is, how it is used, and some of the terms specific to it.

  • Chapter 2: How Pinterest Works; The different functionalities
  • Know exactly how it works; the features as well as other functionalities like ‘Getting started’, ‘Posting content from the web’, ‘User engagement’ and ‘Pinterest business account’

  • Chapter 3: How to use Pinterest for marketing and to earn money
  • Find strategies you can use for Pinterest marketing success with topics like ‘create searchable pins’, ‘Search engine optimization’ and ‘Adding pin it buttons’

  • Chapter 4: Pinterest success stories
  • Real life experiences of businesses using Pinterest for marketing and benefitting.

  • Chapter 5: Importance of Pinterest for online business success
  • Find the long-term benefits and other reasons why Pinterest is good for online business success.

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