If you have an online business, then Social Media is THE number one way to build momentum and speed – and finding a roughly untouched avenue offers opportunities from the most basic crafter to the savviest entrepreneur. Pinterest, home of the Life Hack and craft encyclopedia, is one such treasure trove of untapped opportunity. Here, condensed in an easy to absorb and understand 59 minute crash course, the many uses of this versatile site are explored and pondered. While not as large as some of its sibling Social Media Sites, Pinterest has 70 million dedicated users just waiting to explore new options, leading to a vast, plunder worthy marketing resource that you NEED to utilize. One pin, wisely placed in the correct category, can result in numerous likes, shares and repins, sending your message out there again and again, increasing exposure and resulting in sales. The domino effect of Pinterst is staggering, and this Crash Course will teach you how to tap into it.

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