This is what the post page looks like in the Covert Pinpress Theme from IMWeathBuilders. This is one of the “sneaky” ways to use this theme (as was alluded to in this post. Notice that up at the top of the post are two buttons – “Repin” and “Like”. Although your visitor “might” think that the Repin works the same way as it does on Pinterest, in fact clicking on the Repin button here automatically takes you to Pinterest and Pins the post there.

Think about that for a moment – your post is not causing duplication on your blog, but instead is copying your post to one of the biggest pinboards on the net! This is true whether you Repin the post, or if a visitor Repins your post. Either way, it’s helping to create a back-link to your post, and increasing the possibility of increased traffic. Very sneaky – yet very powerful.

You can get the Covert Pinterest Theme for WordPress here.