Wisdom from the SEOMOZ blog:

Repins are showing on the category pages.

Used to be only new pins showed up on categories, but now repins show up as well. (The idea, originally, was that “you as a Pinterest guru” would repin the best stuff for your millions of followers). So, what means this? It means that anything you pin will very quickly drop below the fold in the popular category pages. It also means that your pins will get more “eye time” if you post to the less popular categories, and let your followers (or alter-egos) repin to the popular category pages (strategy).

In the article the author says “After this has been completed, I will usually take the time to go into www.pinterest.com/source/YOUR URL to Repin the content once or twice onto the larger boards. Since it’s showing up, why not!”. A confusing sentence if I’ve seen one. By “www.pinterest.com/source/YOUR URL” the author really means “www.pinterest.com/source/YOUR-BOARD-URL”. It shows up under a pin “closeup”. Something like

Pinned via pinmarklet from thegamerslair.com (one of my boards).


Bright Images Win

As you can assume, the brightest and most unique images get the clicks. Make sure you use images that are sharp, bright, and interesting. Generally, the bigger the image resolution the better.

Other Similar Sites

Using other sites similar to Pinterest to boost traffic is not a bad idea. I have used MikeLike.com recently (a “Pin to MikeLike” button was added when I installed the “Pinterest Right-Click” add-on in Chrome and Firefox). It’s slightly different from Pinterest, but gets a lot of traffic. Another suggested site is CraftGawker. Any site that is integrated with Pinterest is a good idea to try – look for a “Pin It” button.

Important – DO NOT Edit Pins, URLs, or Descriptions

This is where the Spam Prevention comes in. Apparently Pinterest is now dropping Pins from the categories if you edit the URL or description after pinning. A lot of early Pinners were re-pinning other people’s pins and changing the URL to point to a different site, or modifying the description. I did that a little bit after reading some bad advice. DON’T DO IT! Instead, make sure you double check EVERYTHING before pinning so you won’t have to go back in and change anything afterward.

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