Pinterest Ultimate Guide

How to use Pinterest for Business and Social Media Marketing

One of the hottest social networking sites today is Pinterest. Although the site still lags behind global behemoths Facebook and Twitter in terms of number of registered users, Pinterest has nonetheless had a steady and progressive rise over the years, thanks in large part to its heavy focus on gorgeous images. The site’s enormous success is definitely one for the books. Latest figures show that Pinterest has over 70 million registered users across the world, with a huge bulk of them – or more than 50 million users – coming from the United States alone.

Pinterest is an online visual bulletin board. It is a relatively new social sharing website that is sweeping the nation. You choose an image that you like and pin it on a board that you name. From fitness to food, to photography and art, there are unlimited possibilities with Pinterest. What seems like a simple concept is simply addictive. Think of this website as visual image of everything beautiful. People pin things to a virtual pin-board. All the things that you would traditionally cut out from a magazine or print off the internet are no longer necessary. The days of cutting pictures from a magazine, articles, and recipes are long gone. You can pin any image to a board on your Pinterest account. You can follow other people’s boards, you can follow friend’s boards, friends can follow you, it’s a lot like facebook and twitter in that respect to sharing and amplification of what you are posting.

Given the right social media strategy and implementation, Pinterest may actually offer any business more referral traffic than Twitter, and perhaps generate more leads than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. It may even have the power to convert more fans into paying customers who will easily share your content with their friends. In just a few years after it was launched, Pinterest surpassed ten million users, faster than any other stand-alone site in history. It now has the potential to drive a significant amount of referral traffic to your website and at the same time boost actual sales. That idea perhaps is valid enough for any business to consider using Pinterest.

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