PocketBook IQ features a seven-inch TFT color screen-ideal for reading as well as enjoying multimedia. Its built-in G-sensor makes it easy to transition from portrait to landscape mode. Go online using PocketBook IQ. It will connect to the Web anywhere Wi-Fi is available. Its full-scale browser will display all Internet pages suitable for Android screens. PocketBook IQ has two gigabytes of internal memory enabling storage for 5,000 e-books. Also, external microSD and microSDHC memory cards support up to 32 gigabytes. Mark text of interest to revisit or highlight a passage and copy it to your notes list. There is no limit to the number of notes and bookmarks you can create. You can begin to use your e-reader right away. All essential functions are factory installed so there is no need for a computer or additional software. Using Google’s up-to-date Android 2.0 operating system, PocketBook IQ offers custom-designed software for reading ease and online connectivity. PocketBook e-readers have few format limitations and support the following platforms: EPUB DRM, PDF DRM, EPUB, PDF, HTML, DJVU, RTF, TXT, PRC, CHM, DOC, TCR, FB2, and FB2.ZIP. Language capacity is equally extensive with PocketBook’s menu currently offering nearly 20 major world languages. Future firmware upgrades promise additional language availability. Find the e-book you want at www.BookLand.net, a content store that offers an extensive, ever-expanding library of titles. One of the most prominent features of PocketBook Pro 602 is support of maximum possible text formats: FB2, TXT, PDF, DJVU, RTF, HTML, PRC, CHM, DOC, Docx, TCR, FB2.ZIP and EPUB, including DRM, plus image formats JPEG, BMP, GIF. You won’t have to search for one specific format or convert your files to it – this PocketBook can read them all. The MP3 player won’t give you a chance to be bore

Product Features

  • 7″ TFT Screen with G-sensor/Accelerator
  • Android Platform and Wi-Fi
  • Supports FB2, «FB2.ZIP», TXT, PDF, DJVU, RTF, HTML, PRC (mobi), CHM, EPUB, DOC, TCR