-A perfect item for family road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time driving and gets hungry and thirsty on the road
-Environmental protection without fluorine pollution ,small volume,light weight,long service life.
-Quiet motor and fan circulate air for even cooling/heating -2in1 Cool&warm use.
-Uses 12 Volts power to cool or warm drinks and food

Package Included
1x User Manual
1 x 7.5L Portable Cooler&Warmer Car Refrigerator
1 x Car charger
1 x Strap

Product Features

  • Size: Length31cm * Width 31cm * 17cm Height Inner dimensions: Height 19cm * Width 21cm * thick 14.5cm (To hold bottles please be calculated according to inner dimension) Cigarette lighter line length: 180cm
  • Technical Parameters Power: 48W Input voltage: 12V (vehicle use) or 220v, 12v (family car dual type) Fuse rating: 10A
  • Heating temperature: warmed to about 65 ℃ Cooling temperature: below the ambient temperature around 20 ℃ Refrigerator built with a cooling fan, the fan will be issued when the sound work!
  • small size, can be carrying, 7.5 Capacity, Power Rating: 48W, Color: Blue
  • Min. cooling temperature: cooler to 5°C, Max. heating temperature: warmer to 65°C

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