Have you always dreamed of starting your own Woodland Fairy Village? Our Outdoor Fairy
Garden House is the ideal product to start or add more pieces to your existing Fairy Garden
or Village. Whimsical and delightful, our Pink Lily Garden Home features exquisite details
such as Peephole Windows, Realistic Wood Grain Detailing, and a Door that can be
opened to guests and closed when your Garden Fairies, Sprites, and Gnomes require a bit
of privacy!

Our product is helpful for sparking the imagination of children and adults alike! Locations
that are ideal for placing your Outdoor Fairy Garden House include around downspouts,
near water features such as waterfalls or Koi ponds, in or near your flower garden, nearby
or inside your flower beds, or next to your Birdfeeder or Birdbath.

Ideal for indoor use as well, our Lily Flower Fairy Garden House is a perfect accent piece
for children’s bedrooms or as a bookcase display or conversational piece in other parts of
your home or office. To brighten up your kitchen or dining area, consider placing your Fairy
Garden Home on a Window Sill or next to your favorite houseplant to add a bit of
playfulness to your home or kitchen decor. You might also consider using your Lily Flower
Fairy Home as an integral part of your Indoor Spring Holiday display, as it as an excellent
addition to your Spring Holiday decorations.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase,
return the item to us within 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund on your original
purchase price.

Product Features

  • MADE OF DURABLE MATERIAL – Made from durable Resin Material, Our Lily Flower Fairy Garden House is designed to last for years to come! You can even open the door to make it easier for the Fairies in your Garden to arrive and call it ‘home!’ This Fairy Garden House can withstand all weather conditions including sunlight, rain, and snow.
  • BRIGHT AND COLORFUL – Our Lily Flower Fairy Garden House uses the colors Pink, Green, and Brown throughout the design. Careful attention to detail makes our Lily Flower Fairy Garden House a superb addition to your Flower Garden or as an accent piece to your outdoor living space. Place it along your favorite tree line, by the entrance to your home, or near your children’s play area to add a bit of ‘whimsy’ to your home!
  • EXPERT WORKMANSHIP – Inspired by the beauty of nature, our Outdoor Fairy Garden House upholds the highest standards of Workmanship. From Peephole Windows to Wooden Grains, and even a Doorknob, you’ll find that no detail got spared in the creation of this high-quality Outdoor Fairy Garden House!
  • IDEAL SIZE FOR FAIRIES – It should come as no surprise that Garden Fairies are searching for the perfect sized home! Our Lily Flower Fairy Garden House measures 6 x 4.75 x 5 inches – the precise size to attract Garden Fairies to your home and garden. Not too big, not too small – our Outdoor Fairy Garden House is suitable for them all!
  • PERFECT STARTER PIECE OR AS AN ADDITION TO YOUR EXISTING COLLECTION – Regardless of whether you are purchasing your first Outdoor Fairy Garden House of your Tenth, our Outdoor Lily Flower Garden House is perfect for starting or building upon your existing Fairy Garden.

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