Yacon Syrup has become a massively popular weight loss product.

Our Yacon Syrup is manufactured from the South American root, Yacon, which is found predominantly found in the Andes in Peru. It has been used for hundreds of years in Peru as a natural sweetener but recently it’s effective health properties have been discovered including but not limited to the following.

Naturally Boosts Weight Loss

Acts As An Appetite Suppressant

Is An Effective Prebiotic Improving The Performance Of Your Digestive System

Has Antioxidant Properties Which Has Been Shown To Improve The Immune System

Is A Natural Low Calorie Sweetener

The syrup is incredibly easy to take and we recommend you take one teaspoon three times a day. The taste is slightly sweet and most people find it very nice. You can also put it in hot drinks, add it to salad dressing and as long as you don’t cool it, like in a cake, it will retain its positive properties.

If you would prefer it in capsule form we have just launched our Yacon Supplement in capsule form

Our syrup is manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the USA which follows Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

Product Features

  • Our Pure Yacon Syrup is high in Prebiotics and contains up to 67% FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) which among other benefits helps produce the friendly bacteria Microbiotas improving the function of the intestinal tract. Unlike many other sugar substitutes and low calorie sweeteners Yacon Syrup has a high fiber content and aids in the lowering of cholesterol and your blood sugar levels.
  • Yacon Syrup naturally boosts weight loss as it not only acts as an appetite suppressant helping curb your appetite and your calorie intake but also by boosting your metabolism and increasing energy levels helping you burn more calories.
  • Boosts energy levels in the human body allowing you to burn more calories. Our Pure Yacon Syrup does exactly that.
  • Another additional benefit of our Low Calorie, Low Glycemic Yacon Syrup alternative to sugar is it has antioxidant properties which have been shown to help boost the immune system.
  • 100% Pure Yacon Syrup Manufactured In The USA at an FDA approved facility that follows Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)