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Do you ever why the celebrities always look so great in their self photos? Ever notice the seemingly perfect Twitter selfie of an actor or athlete? Celebrities know the secrets to a perfect selfie, and now you can, too!

Does your nose always look big or crooked? Or maybe you worry that your hips or butt looks too big. Do you always have your eyes closed in the photo? Or the selfies are too dark or light? Or maybe you often capture some awkward background.

No more worries! This book will help you eliminate every roadblock to a perfect selfie!

Learn How To:

  • Crop Your Photos
  • Use Apps To Make The Perfect Picture
  • Accentuate Your Best Features!
  • Make Your Hips Look Smaller!
  • Adjust The Lighting
  • Find The Perfect Positions
  • Lots Of Tips and Tricks!

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