SELLING YOUR CRAFTS ONLINE Sell your handmade crafts and artwork worldwide on the Web! Do you sell your own handmade crafts or artwork? There’s a whole world of customers beyond what you find at crafts shows and malls. For the first time in history, there’s a great way to reach them: the Internet! In Selling Your Crafts Online, Michael Miller guides you step by step through succeeding in the world’s biggest online crafts marketplaces and attracting new customers where millions of them already hang out. Miller offers crafts-specific tips and advice on everything from creating listings to getting a fair price, processing payments to providing outstanding service. No matter what you make or where you already sell it, you can earn a better living if you also sell online. This guide will help you get started, get successful, and stay successful! — Create a quick “mini” business plan that improves your chances of success — Discover what sells best online–and what doesn’t — Predict your costs, see what competitors are doing, and set your best price — Write compelling listings and take great photos, even if you’re not a professional writer or photographer — Create an attractive online presence on Etsy, eBay, and other sites — Discover and compare growing online marketplaces you never knew existed — Decide whether it makes sense to create your own craft-selling website — Set yourself up to accept credit cards, PayPal, or other payment services — Pack, seal, and ship your merchandise safely without overspending — Answer questions, handle complaints, and offer guarantees — Track your inventory — Promote your business on Pinterest and beyond — Measure your success and learn from experience

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