About Shaq and sport craft: Shaq Shaquille O’Neal, one of the most celebrated athletes, is our ambassador of our online basketball arcade. Why Shaq brand introduces the basketball arcade to you: 1) First time in history you can play basketball arcade not only with friends nearby, but also with connections off-site, 2) It’s firm and steady, nothing like the cheap ones who seem to swing at any time, 3) Basketball should be fun, easy to use, user friendly, where Shaq and sport craft basketball arcade is ideal, sport craft sport craft was founded in 1926, a true innovator and market leader in the sporting goods industry. Tri-great international ltd., Is licensee of both Shaq and sport craft and developer of app “hoop shot online”, bringing a traditional hoop shot game into an online social media game. What’s new: Shaq O’Neal’s team vetted the arcade and recommends. You may play with your offsite friends and enjoy the “on-the-scene” competition. Patented design + app there are many different game options for you to play and you also can play single, double or multi-player, online or offline, points combat or goal achievements. It has no limitations where you are or your friends are. You can share your score or your achievement on most popular social media networks. Parameters: Assembled dimensions (L x W x H): 46” x 81.5″ x 80” , folded dimensions (L x W x H): 46″ x 33″ x 80″, heavy duty metal frame in dia. 1-1/4″ in the package: 1pc MDF backboard in size: 47-5/8″ x 20-5/8″, 1pc polyester fabric ball return net, 4pcs rubber basketball ball in dia. 7” 1pc ball pump with needle 1pc mobile holder, not included mobile phone.

Product Features

  • Unique game design and endorsed by Shaq O’Neal: First basketball arcade has both conventional game play and online challenge
  • Play together even you’re not nearby: Best companion gift for brothers, buddies and close friends
  • The app will record and play your game by real time when your friend is playing and the on-the-scene feeling is exciting and keeping connections
  • Hoop shot online sets up many different achievements and collecting your medals
  • Quick lock system (no pins required) folds up for storage and convenience

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