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* Input Rated Voltage: 12V DC
* Input Voltage Range: 10-15V DC
* Output voltage: DC 24V 3A
* Output Rated Power: 72W
* Ripple Wave: 450Mv
* Voltage Regulation: Less Than 1.5%
* Load Regulation: Less Than 2%
* Operating temperature: -10℃~ +60℃, when temperature more than 40℃,please make lower power, or enhance heat dissipation
* Fixing Hole Diameter: 6.6mm
* Hole Center Diameter: 56mm
* Size: 658mm x40.5mm x22mm
* Net Weight: 124g

Kindly Note:
1.This unit with no reverse polarity protection,please install the positive wire and negative wire correctly or the device will be damaged.
2.When working current more than the rated current of 120%, over-current protection will work, overcurrent disappears, can automatic return to normal condition
3.In order to functioned short-circuit protection,please connect the 15A fuse at the input side

1.All epoxy sealed containers with waterproof die-cast housing
2.Light compact, convenient to use and transport
3. Anti-shock,damp-proof, anti-dust,Ip67 Waterproof
4.over-voltage protection/over-current protection/overheat protection/Short-circuit protection

Wiring Instruction: Input:red(+) black(-)
Output:yellow(+) black(-)

Widely used on Bus, CMB, large trucks, motor, GPS navigation, solar power,bus display, taxi advertising screen, car audio, LCD TV, LED, MP3, MP4, car DVD, hard disk player,monitoring system,etc.

Product Features

  • Input voltage: DC 12V;
  • Output voltage: DC 24V; Output current: 3A;
  • Output power: 72W ;
  • Protection : Over temperature protection, Overcurrent protection, Instantly absorb high pressure protection (No reverse protection, no short circuit protection, special attention when wiring)
  • Input and output: Input: red wire – positive, black wire – negative; output: yellow wire – positive, black wire – negative.

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