She builds a glass room and planted beautiful flowers in here, the flower can’t run away. When you open the door, the fascinating floral
fragrance spreads around you and makes you intoxicated. Exquisite, simple and generous package.

Elegant craft paper and green printing, the classification of the material package is meticulous and clear, the overall products is excellent. Its installation tutorial is very
detailed and convenient, the tools presented are very easy to use.

Enjoy your leisurely time.

The fast-paced urban life makes it difficult for us to calm down and patiently do some interesting things and discover the beauty of life. We can use the piecemeal time to
assembly, which is not only exercise our hands-on skill, but also enjoy the fun from nothing to the satisfaction after completion.

Warm and lively house!

It’s beautiful and artistic even you take a random shot. You will want to become a Thumbelina or the pocket prince gets in the dollhouse.
The assembly steps and installation details are explained in detail. It is suitable for improving your patience creativity, concentration, spatial thinking and
hand-eye coordination.

It is an excellent design.

For example, the heat-shrinkable tube provided by the product solves the problem of the wire connection, and the cabinet has a buckle design to make the model more firm.
A variety of materials are sufficient, you can also do a perfect remedy if you make a mistake for the first time. When you are assembling, you can install the accessories
one by one according to the instructions to ensure that the materials are not wasted.

Some tools need to be prepared by yourself. You may need rulers, pencils, scissors and knives.

The toy is suitable for children over 10 years of age.

Estimated assembly time: 20H

Product Features

  • BEAUTIFUL ENCOUNTER: A cup of bitter coffee can make people understand the preciousness of encounter, a cup of sweet coffee can make people feel the wonderful of encounter.
  • EDUCATIONAL AND CREATIVE: You need to assemble with the utmost patience. The model can be stenciled, cut and assembled that can exercise your creativity, concentration, spatial thinking and hands-on skill.
  • FUN AND OPTIONAL: A variety of DIY hand-made dollhouse can be chosen according to your favorite scenes. Compared to the general model, it is more selective. You can play with children and friends, a fun interaction will make you more intimate.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: The wooden materials are no burrs, you don’t need for secondary grinding. The pigments used in the materials are healthy and odorless, can be easily washed on the hands. It is an environmentally-friendly toy.
  • BEST GIFT: You can give the gift to your children and friends. You could finish it by yourself to make the gift more meaningful! It’s more beautiful when turning on the light. This is very creative and fun DIY handmade.

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