Sidebars in the Covert Pinpress Theme work just like sidebars in any other WordPress theme. They are fully widgetized, and they have the same look as the image boxes. You can have a left sidebar, a right sidebar, or both a left and right sidebar. You can also select different combinations for the homepage all by itself, or sidebar combinations for the page/post view.

The sidebars are perfectly capable of showing Adsense ad blocks – I suggest using images to match the look and feel for your site. If using Adsense, the 160×600 tower looks great! I also tried a 200×200 ad block, but the image actually disappeared under the first row of images next to it. Of course, Adsense is not the only ad network you can use, but it is the most common.

In the image above, I added the Pinterest Badge widget. I like it because it further enforces the tie between my blog and Pinterest. You can show up to 9 of you most recent posts on Pinterest in the widget, and it has some styling options built in (I just use the default – it’s fine).

I had trouble getting the AddThis widget to display correctly, so I had to resort to the  Tilt Social Share Widget. It works fine.

Now, the Covert Pinpress Theme is available for a short period of time, and is set up as a dimesale (price goes up after each sale). If you want it, better hurry. Here’s the link.