Smartphone cameras are awesome, but their tiny lenses only zoom digitally. Because digital zooming increases the pixels size, not the amount of pixels, the resulting images lack detail and clarity. With Snapzoom, you can use a wide variety of optical devices like binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, and microscopes as accessory lenses for your smartphone. These devices magnify with high quality glass lenses, and produce sharp, clear photos and videos at your smartphone’s highest resolution.

Product Features

  • With or without a case, Snapzoom is compatible with any smartphone up to 3.67in. (93mm) wide, and nearly 1in. (23mm) thick.
  • Snapzoom works with a wide variety of optics and accepts any eyepiece with an outside diameter of 1.18in. (30mm) – 2.17in. (55mm) wide, and a min. 1in. (25mm) in height. Snapzoom is not compatible with rifle scopes.
  • Snapzoom is designed to hold the phone in the “landscape” filming position for easier to watch videos on computer screens and TVs.
  • Snapzoom works with all standard and third party camera apps that use the rear camera. The camera retains all of its functions, including autofocus, auto exposure, and face recognition.
  • Every Snapzoom kit includes: a screwdriver, carry pouch, extra padding, counter weight, bracket and fastener *Phone and binoculars are not included.