Social equity isn’t just another book on social media. This book won’t teach you how to use social media websites. It teaches something far more important – how to build social equity. This will allow you to dominate sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube Google Plus and many more. The social media pros don’t just use social media. They work hard and have a strategic approach to build their following. It is this ‘following’ that is your personal equity and provides you with an opportunity to be free from a traditional job (if you choose). Stop randomly using your platforms and begin to treat this like a business, having a strategically approach to achieving success.

Today’s economy has changed. People work harder and harder at day jobs that they hate. The school system has failed us by producing more highly educated graduates that are unable to find employment. Its time to face the facts, the economy has moved on, and now we have new rules to the game. This isn’t new news to many, yet millions still ignore this fact and refuse to take action. Don’t get left behind, learn to navigate this rough terrain and prosper in a new age of commerce.

Having social equity is becoming more relevant in todays society and as generation Y mature this will become even more paramount. Establish yourself as a leader today or risk becoming a follower in years to come. Metaphorically speaking, nobody has to work in the factory because today you can build an online factory yourself very cheaply. Social equity is exactly that, it’s a new type of equity that has economic value in today’s society. Combined with the opportunities of the Internet making a living from this has become easier than ever.

Traditional marketing has moved from a 3-minute commercial break into direct and personal aspects of our life. Understand what is happening and you can begin to build yourself a better financial future by taking advantage of these marketing opportunities. This book will provide you with a guide on how you can build social equity and why it is important to start today. It’s a tip book built comprised studying the experts.


This book will help you build a plan but it will take hard work and a strong desire to excel. It is split up into three parts:

Part 1 – Understanding social equity – This part discusses the importance of building social equity and why you need to take more consideration to marketing. The old tricks have changed, but the fundamental laws of becoming wealthy stay as true as ever.

Part 2 – Building the plan – Unsure where to begin? Part 2 lists 50 ideas to improve your social equity and provides a whole bunch of useful websites that can assist you.

Part 3 – Shaping the plan – Learning from the masters of online marking is important. Part 3 is a collection of interviews with three experts and their personal views on social equity. As well as eight other Internet personality’s that you could learn from.


Social equity is the 1st book in a series of books produced by the Asset School that teach people new skills for a more independent and prospers future. This book has a 19,300 words and should take you around two hours to read. It would also serve the purpose of a reference book to pick and choose ideas on how to increase your web traffic.

Be prepared to take full advantage of the greatest opportunity available this century. Join me on a journey to build social equity.