How can businesses and individuals harness the power of social media without expending excessive time and effort? Author Steve Miller contends that for many, the time consuming strategy of trying to build a social media following will waste much time and result in few sales. He supports this position with research and practical examples.

Instead of trying to build a following, most would do better following principles such as:

“Go Where People Already Gather, Rather than Trying to Gather a Following Around Yourself”

“Get Others Talking about Your Products, Rather than Talking Directly to Others about Your Products.”

Miller gives examples and case studies from marketing his own books and content sites, recommending practical social media strategies that don’t require ongoing commitments or bothering people who don’t want your products.

This book will:

  • Help you to narrow down which social media alternatives might work best for your products, in your industry, considering your strengths and interests.
  • Give practical tips for implementing social media strategies that bring results.
  • Keep you from wasting time and money on initiatives that probably won’t work.
  • Challenge the way you think about social media.
  • Give publicists and marketing professionals a checklist to go through with clients to narrow down which social media initiatives may work best for them in their industry.
  • Use case studies, examples, and other research to make its case.

Product Features

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