There is a fundamental disconnect between the way traditional marketing works and how modern consumers engage with companies and products. As a result people are spending their budgets on marketing practices with a declining return on investment, and when we most need our marketing to come through it simply fails to deliver.

You need to understand why traditional marketing is producing fewer results and how social media marketing can work for you. This book teaches you what to expect from social media marketing and how to do it well.

With companies like Audible, Zappos, and Groupon, more purchases are made online for more types of products than ever before; we are entering an era where any type of transaction can start online. Add to that the advances in the technology behind social media marketing, the tools that help you do it more easily and the ones helping you track your results, and you can see how social media marketing is a good investment. The primary reason we need to focus on social media marketing is the economic shift that has taken place, a shift to an attention driven economy.

In 2012 Steve Gadlin founded a company called ‘I want to draw a cat for you’ and appeared on Shark Tank, an ABC show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to venture capitalists. Gadlin told them what his business was and they laughed, he sang a song and they laughed, he danced and they laughed, and everything about it screamed this is stupid flop of a business that shouldn’t get funding. But Gadlin got the funding he asked for and the question we should be asking is why. He isn’t a great artist or a great business man, his song was just ok and his dancing was silly, but one thing Gadlin does remarkably well is grab your attention; and in today’s economy attention is among the scarcest of resources.