Social Network Analysis of Disaster Response, Recovery, and Adaptation covers systematic social network analysis and how people and institutions function in disasters, after disasters, and the ways they adapt to hazard settings. As hazards become disasters, the opportunities and constraints for maintaining a safe and secure life and livelihood become too strained for many people. Anecdotally, and through many case studies, we know that social interactions exacerbate or mitigate those strains, necessitating a concerted, intellectual effort to understand the variation in how ties within, and outside, communities respond and are affected by hazards and disasters.

  • Examines the role of societal relationships in a disaster context, incorporating theory and case studies by experts in the field
  • Integrates research in the areas of social network analysis and inter-organizational networks
  • Presents a range of studies from around the world, employing different approaches to network analysis in disaster contexts

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