8×11 poster with colorful heart by Raphaella Vaisseau of Maggie Kuhn’s famous quote, “Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” She did just that as the iconoclastic founder of the Gray Panthers. According to their website, graypanthers.org, in August of 1970, Maggie Kuhn convened a group of five friends, all of whom were retiring from national religious and social work organizations. This first “Network” of friends gathered to look at the common problems faced by retirees – loss of income, loss of contact with associates and loss of one of our society’s most distinguishing social roles, one’s job. They also discovered a new kind of freedom in their retirement – the freedom to speak personally and passionately about what they believed in, such as their collective opposition to the Vietnam War. Speak up. Be courageous. Your voice is important. What you say and do can change the world. NOTE: Heartful Art copyright labels that may appear in product photographs are not on the product itself but simply appear on the online image, similar to a watermark.

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