I made this tool for myself when we had multiple deck replacement jobs on the go. I was tired of my back aching after hunching over all day pulling boards off. The first version was much less pleasing to the eye but the functionality was an amazing blessing to my back! Since than I refined the idea and tweaked it to get what you see here today. Simple tweaks such as the two holes to hang the tool, angling the handle, putting a grip at the end and widening the jaw have all made this tool a must have. We used them particularly for old decks but the uses are up to you. The tool’s simple nature of using leverage but from a comfortable position is what sets this tool apart from traditional pry bars. We had decks that would take half a day to pull apart but with two of these were down in just over an hour! I saw it as a tool everyone should own so refined it to help others out as well. Whether you are in construction or a DIYer taking apart pallets (45 seconds was our record for taking apart a pallet boys like to have fun at work haha) this is the tool for you!!

Product Features

  • USES INCLUDE: Disassembling pallets decks docks fences or anything else that a prying action is needed.
  • ONE PIECE DESIGN: Constructed and designed in 1 piece to be a one and done tool.
  • WORKING HEAD: Tool head is cut with a plasma cutter to avoid sharp or rough edges for safety of the user. The two small holes are for simple storage by hanging tool up when not being used. Working head has 2 – 2″ paddles with a 2″ gap to allow you to easily get tool around any standard board and pull apart pallet without breaking wood if desired for reclaiming.
  • HANDLE DESIGN: Extended 3′ handle to save your back which is also slightly less than 90 degrees to not strain your back when working.
  • FINISH: Once assembled the tool is sand blasted to remove any possible remaining rough edges or burrs than a powder coated finish of Earth Green is applied.

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