Step by step Twitter is a 100% practical how-to guide from Albert Mora, a leading international Internet marketing consultant. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of using Twitter, explained in a very simple, conversational tone.

This ebook is perfect for newbies who need to learn more about how Twitter works and become Twitter experts.

What you will find:

– Best methods to Twitter success

– Proven strategies to build up your account

– How to get more followers, with practical advice

– Lots of ideas on what you can tweet to your followers

– 23 chapters

– More than 60 images

Detailed content

1. Introduction

2. Twitter – Learn the Basics

3. Tweeting

4. Following on Twitter

5. How to Customize Your Twitter Account?

6. What are Hashtags?

7. Using Twitter Search

8. What to Post on Twitter?

9. How to Upload the Photos on Twitter?

10. Suspended Accounts on Twitter

11. How to embed Twitter Timeline?

12. Twitter Lists

13. TweetChat

14. TweetDeck

15. Amazing Twitter Stats

16. How to Get More Followers on Twitter?

17. How to Get Your Tweets Retweeted

18. Twitter for Mobile

19. Twitter Vs other social networks

20. Using Twitter for Business

21. Twitter Advertising

22. Online Promotions on Twitter

23. Conclusion

About the Author

Albert Mora is the CEO of HiSocial “The Engagement Platform”, an online platform that helps brands to grow and engage their Internet audience, through promotions, contests and gamification. He is also the CEO of Canal IP an international SEO company since 1997, with over 1.200 clients from 40 countries.

He has developed his professional career in the Internet sector for more than 15 years, being a serial entrepreneur on social media & online marketing startups.