Last updated: June 2012

Pinterest, the latest social networking phenomenon has exploded onto the scene and has as objective to connect every one in the world through the “things’ they love.

Pinterest is now the third most-visited social site:

1. Facebook: 7 billion
2. Twitter: 182 million
3. Pinterest: 104 million
4. LinkedIn: 86 million
5. Tagged: 72 million
6. Google+: 61 million

This is why you have get in there and learn as quickly as possible how to benefit from it. If you figure out how to use Pinterest before any one else, you can become a leader in your industry.

Pinterest can take your business to a whole different level. All it takes is a few “Pins” and your business can really take off. Pinterest is growing and it’s growing fast so before you start off on your Pinterest journey, be sure you’re ready for new traffic or orders. If you do it right, it’s has the potential to be a better marketing tool than Facebook or Twitter.

This comprehensive book is the only definitive guide you will ever need to unlock this new social media network and is full of tips, real business examples and tools you can use to enhance your Pinterest experience.

In this Pinterest marketing guide you’ll learn:
– What Pinterest is and how it works
– What Pinterest can do that Facebook and Twitter can’t
– Who are the power pinners so you can follow and learn from them
– The most successful brands on Pinterest
– How to get an invite and set up your account the right way
– How to create or find powerful content so your pins can go viral in no time
– When and how to use hashtags (“#”), mentions (“@”) for a better engagement with your clients
– How to get followed and therefore increase traffic to your site
– How to take the visual conversation to Facebook and Twitter for a more integrated online marketing experience
– How other industries and brands are using Pinterest right now
– How to do SEO for Pinterest
– How to cash in with Pinterest
– How to measure and track results
– 22 tools you can use to enhance your Pinterest experience

That’s just few of the things you will learn from this book that will conclude with a 17 steps plan for a successful pinning experience to benefit your business and help achieve your goals whatever they are: drive traffic to your site, get leads, increase sales, build brand awareness, do market research, test new product concepts or even educate.

About the Author
Gabriela Taylor is an internationally educated Global Online Marketing Strategist and Consultant who’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands in Telecommunications, Retail, Lifestyle and Advertising.

A recognized expert and specialist in Social Networking, Mobile Marketing and Search Engine Optimization she is fluent in 7 languages, has lived and worked in many countries throughout the world and has experience of implementing successful web-presence strategies for both startup and large established organizations. She is fully certifed in Google AdWords and Analytics.

She is the founder of Global N’ Digital, a consultancy firm specializing in Online Marketing services and Cross-Cultural business practices around the world and has also published several industry related books.