Since the web 2.0 revolution began nearly a decade ago (how scary is that?), new social networks have been shooting up none stop. Some have their moment in the spotlight, others crash and burn with barely a glance sideways from anyone. But, over the past 6 years, Twitter has risen high and then managed to hold on to its title as one of the World’s largest social sites with an eighth-place global Alexa ranking.

There are several reasons why Twitter is firmly embedded in the top ten sites online.

It’s my belief that chief among these reasons are that:

• Twitter is fast, interactive and immediate, with a real-time feel

• Twitter can be used for business networking

• Twitter is seductively easy to use

• Twitter engages individuals and communities.

***It’s Time to Develop a Twitter Marketing Strategy And Tactics***

This book will help you learn the insider secrets and tricks of the marketers who really are making a killing on Twitter.

The ‘cheats’ contained within this book cover everything from the best tools to use to make Tweeting even easier to simple answers and templates you can follow on what makes an excellent Tweeter and an excellent Tweet.

With loads of real-life examples, with case studies, and with links to a whole load of additional tools and resources, this is a book anyone looking to use Twitter for business really should take a look at.