This revised for 2012 DVD shows everything someone needs to access Twitter and become a Twitter genius. No better gift to yourself or others can be found. Now how is this the best gift you can give to yourself and to others? Well…simply that it is a gift of you…a way to keep in contact with you and a way to find old friends…by giving this DVD to someone you are giving him/her peace of mind and you are sharing in your life with them. No parent or friend can ask anything more of their children or friends. Buy this DVD for everyone in your family.

Below are just a sampling of the chapters on this disc:

  • How to Create a Twitter Account
  • User Name Suggestions
  • The Uses of Twitter
  • A Twitter Glossary
  • Anatomy of Twitter – Homepage
  • Anatomy of Twitter – Profile Page
  • Anatomy of Twitter – Messages
  • Anatomy of Twitter – Who to Follow
  • Adding a Bio
  • How to Change Background on Twitter
  • Adjusting Privacy Settings
  • The Timeline
  • How to Follow Someone on Twitter
  • Searching Twitter by Topic
  • And much much more

This DVD also comes with access to a FREE support forum where additional videos are posted and you can ask any questions you may have about Twitter or this DVD.