How To Market Your Online Information Business By Harnessing The Power Of Twitter

This book is for both beginners to Twitter and also for those who have been using Twitter for quite a while but have not really appreciated the huge potential it offers to increase your online business visibility and therefore are not getting the most out of it.

The book begins with the basics of setting up a Twitter account and sorting the settings out for an online information business account. Then there is a section on the various Twitter tools and apps that are available which will really save you time and help you get the most out of using Twitter.

The bulk of the book is spent on the advanced use of Twitter and really getting to grips with optimizing your own Twitter schedule and follower experience.

Knowing how to do this the right way will dramatically increase your online visibility and credibility in your particular niche.

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

  • How to set up Twitter for the purpose of increasing your online business visibility
  • Who to follow and where to find real influencers who will help promote your tweets
  • How to schedule your tweets for a worldwide audience to increase your impact
  • Understand how to make the most out of Twitter lists – both your own and others
  • Tools to analysis and optimize your Twitter presence
  • Discover a free tool to set up automatic tweets of your old blog posts
  • Finally get to grips with hashtags and how to use them to enhance rather than annoy
  • Using trends to explode your traffic

Plus plenty more tips and tricks for maximizing your online brand impact.

Twitter is the ideal tool to use to update people about your business, offer quick tips, to ask short questions, blog updates and anything else that can be said with just 140 characters.

Many marketers use Twitter purely for self-promotion but I believe that they are missing out by using it this way.

Twitter is a social media site – a place to interact and share things with others. Therefore I would encourage you to tweet about sites other than your own and in doing so add extra value to your followers who have shown an interest in your particular topic.

If you take the time to observe authority figures in your own area of business (and I’ll show you a great way to do this later on!) you will discover that they love to tweet about others as well as themselves and in doing so they actually increase their own visibility!

You can do the same and it is my intention to provide you with everything you need in order to achieve just that.

Get your copy now and start benefiting.