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From the Table of Contents:

Tuning into Twitter

The benefits of Twitter
Twitter success stories
Famous folks on Twitter
Business executives
Roots of Internet social networking
How to use this book

Before you tweet

Define your Twitter purpose
Your Twitter identity
Is your name taken yet?
Naming issues on Twitter
Trademarked names
Book titles
Exploring Twitter truths and myths
Twitter is a time-waster
Twitter is shallow
Twitter is rude
Twitter’s limit of 140 characters is too confining
Twitter will pair you with friends you don’t like

Register at Twitter

1. Go to
3. Fill in the requested information
4. Finding friends—or not

Personalize your Twitter account

Twitter settings
1. Settings
2. Password
3. Devices
4. Notices
5. Picture
6. Design

Pucker up and tweet!

Tweet first, follow later
Twitter etiquette
Who to follow?
People you already know
People you want to know
Become a follower
Expand your search with third-party applications
User-generated directories

Tweak your background

Consider what a profile can do
Do-it-yourself backgrounds
Tips for creating your design
Create a basic full-page background
Twitter templates
Professionally created Twitter backgrounds

Build your following

1. Follow highly followed Twitterers
2. Tweet the high-rankers
3. Join conversations
4. Tweet consistently
5. Tweet what you know
6. Use pictures and other media
7. Link, link, and link
8. Advertise your Twitter identity
9. Submit to Twitter directories
10. Ask for help
12. Ask people to follow
13. Follow your followers
14. Unfollow stale tweeters

Tweet effectively

What to know about tweeting
Broadcasting vs. conversing
Tweet with impact
Understanding Twitter’s secret codes
Twitter etiquette. Really?

Get down to business

Using Twitter to engage your audience
Twitter for brand enhancement and promotion
Offer Twitter-exclusive deals and discounts
Connecting with customers via Twitter
Using Twitter as a research tool
Research current topics and trends
Research your company and products
Research individuals
Using Twitter to drive behavior

Tweeting at the next level

Automate Twitter
Third-party Twitter applications
Advanced business applications

Twitter unplugged

Tweeting with your phone
Use Twitter with your cellphone
Twitter Text Commands Table
Top 10 mobile Twitter applications
Apple iPhone devices
Nokia Series S60 devices
Blackberry devices
Cross-platform applications

Legally tweeting

Looking ahead