Any small business owner quickly comes to understand the absolute necessity of an effective marketing strategy. Unfortunately, traditional methods of marketing such as television and print ads have been quickly becoming a less useful means of promotion. This downfall of traditional advertising is directly linked to technology, but more importantly, the Internet. The World Wide Web has introduced numerous means of advertisement over the year, but maybe one of the most surprising is Twitter.

Twitter has quickly become the fastest growing social media site in America, with over a million new users being added daily. This makes it a literal free-for-all for businesses looking to make their mark on potential clientele. Every small business owner should understand the value of marketing via a Twitter account, and when they fail to do this, they lose innumerable chances at bringing in additional customers.

Several businesses figured out early in the Twitter game the potential advantages the website can bring along with it. These companies know how to effectively gain a loyal following and keep them captivated enough to continue paying attention to the business. This type of success was only reached by knowing the right type of content to post, who to seek out and how to bring in customers not acquainted with the brand.

Luckily, it is never too late for a solopreneur to get in on the Twitter craze and use it to benefit their company. Any business that has successfully integrated Twitter as an integral link in their marketing chain can attest to the fact that it isn’t as simple as just creating an account. For the social media giant to really lead a business to success, a small business owner needs to know how to properly setup and use the site and how to implement a successful campaign.