Are you having trouble engaging with your customers? Are your social media campaigns boring, or sending your customers the wrong message?

Twitter Vine is a new mobile app designed to titillate our especially short attention spans. Following Twitter’s tradition of keeping your message short (just 140 characters) – Vine gives users just 6 seconds of video to tell their story.

One of the frequent questions people have is: I already use You Tube for my videos, why should I add Vine to my little bag of tricks?

That’s a great question, and the best answer I can give you is because Vine is the only video sharing site optimized for mobile. The folks at Twitter engineered Vine to be mobile friendly, thus giving smartphone and tablet users the best experience possible.

Learn the ins and outs of Twitter Vine App

Anyone can make a Vine! But, not everyone can do it well.

The key to making a great Vine is to not over think it. Don’t be over professional, and don’t try to be a perfectionist. The Vine camera is shaky and unsure. Go with it, and let the “crazy guy” in your head run wild while you’re making your video.

The best Vines are humorous. They make us laugh, and allow us to kick back and enjoy ourselves.

Get ready to rock your world, and start making videos that will engage your customers, and actually make them want to come back to see what’s next.

Here’s the very least you need to know: Vine first went live in January of 2013. In the four months since then they have acquired hundreds of thousands of active users including some of the biggest brands out there: Pepsi, Taco Bell, Toyota, the Los Angeles Lakers, and A & W.

Learn how to use Vine in your business!

We’re going to end the book by showing you how you can use Vine videos in ten specific business types. Each business type will list several solid ideas to help you get started, along with links to existing Vines from businesses in your own industry.

Here’s a list of the specific industries we’re going to cover:

1) Automobile Dealers
2) Hair Stylists
3) eBay sellers
4) Realtors and Insurance Agents
5) Restaurants
6) Florists
7) Auto Service and Repair Shops
8) Bands, Musicians, and Performers
9) Plumbers, Electricians, and Contractors
10) Grocery stores and Convenience Stores

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