In summer 2013, the New Yorker wrote an article about a small town in Appalachia. The article mentioned how high school kids, moms, teachers, bloggers, cops, and lawyers used Twitter. I realized people in Appalachia used social media better than we did here in Silicon Valley.

I began talking with friends in Silicon Valley: founders, investors, engineers, directors, marketers, and so on. I kept hearing the same thing: “I don’t get Twitter.”

– The head of a social media company with several million dollars in venture capital funding confided he didn’t get Twitter. – A marketing expert had sent several thousands tweets to 40,000 followers over four years said to me, “I use it because everyone else uses it, but I don’t get it.” – Many clients said to me, “But it’s just random stuff. Why should I read what somebody’s dog had for lunch? I don’t get it.”

So I wrote this book. You’ll find out what Twitter really is, how to use it, and who actually uses it. You’ll learn in simple English:

  • Set Up Twitter: Set up your account, make changes, some hidden stuff
  • Followers: Who to follow, get followers, get rid of fake followers
  • How to Tweet: How to use #hashtags, @mentions, add photos, add video
  • Who Uses Twitter?: Stuff the other books won’t tell you 🙂
  • Search and Twitter: Twitter search, research, and #SEO
  • Twitter Ads: How to use it
  • Twitter after Dark: Sex, Drugs, and Loud Music
  • Twitter in a Disaster: When the lights go out, can you tweet?