The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Guide for 2013. Get the latest and greatest Facebook Advertising tips, tricks, and strategies from our Facebook Advertising Pocket Guide. We own several large internet companies that apply these techniques daily for our sites and client sites.

At A Glance 4
Introduction 5
Chapter 01: Why Use Facebook Advertising 6
Chapter 02: Building a Powerful Campaign from Scratch 10
Chapter 03: Managing Impressions per Ad to Avoid Spam 15
Chapter 04: Creating a Facebook Business and Identity 17
Chapter 05: Avoiding Expensive Mistakes Made By Facebook Advertisers 20
Chapter 06: Getting the Right Audience with Targeted Keywords 24
Chapter 07: Unveiling Facebook Advertising Secrets 26
Chapter 08: Targeting Client Base Using Attributes 28
Chapter 09: What Countries to Target Advertise 31
Chapter 10: Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising 32
The Final Word 36