Protect Your Lower Back, Joints and Spine with Precision Compressive Support from Undercover BackUp!

Whether you play golf, do CrossFit, or just live an active, outdoor lifestyle, your lower back can start to quickly wear down if you aren’t properly supporting it while running, climbing, lifting or twisting. That’s why we created the revolutionary Undercover BackUp Lumber Back Brace, a patent-pending design that helps reduce pain and muscle tension while keeping your joints, muscles and bones properly supported.

Product Details:
– Lumbar Support Back Brace
– Strong Steel Alloy Stays
– Adjustable, Snug-Fitting Comfort
– Flexible, Breathable
– Neoprene, Nylon Spandex Blend
– Machine Wash Safe (Air Dry)
– Unisex (Men and Women)
– One Size Fits Most
– 12-Month Warranty

Protect Against Injuries, Reduce Daily Pain

These custom-made lower back braces are specifically designed to provide compression and support for the lumbar region. More importantly, they’re uniquely perfect for athletes, golfers, weight lifters, hikers and people who are constantly bending, twisting, jumping, or keeping their lower back and core engaged.

Adjustable, Functional Support

Unlike a standard neoprene back brace or belt that can be worn all day long and slides up constantly, our patent-pending design features 7 flexible steel alloy stays to keep it in place while you’re active. More importantly, it’s meant to support you doing very specific physical activities, as opposed to the more generic all-day wear.

Product Features

  • COMPRESSIVE BACK SUPPORT – Comfortable, supportive pressure, our lower back brace helps reduce lower spine pain, injuries and vertebral joint wear and tear.
  • ATHLETES AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLES – This patent-pending back support brace is great for athletes, weight lifters, outdoor enthusiasts, tennis players, yoga lovers, moms or grandma’s carrying heavy babies, carrying heavy groceries, or traveling a lot
  • SLIP AND BUNCH RESISTANCE – Flexible steel-alloy stays are inserted into each lumbar support belt, twisting and flexing to support active movements like running or lifting
  • ADJUSTABLE, UNISEX DESIGN – This back-support belt with adjustable lumbar support comes in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, making it effective for men and women alike – It’s especially great for seniors who need a little extra support
  • PAIN-CONTROL TECHNIQUES EBOOK – Every Undercover BackUp Lumbar Back Brace comes complete with an in-depth eBook on how to help alleviate lower back pain

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