Make sure you know what kind of shower curtain you want before going shopping. You should know the answers to the following questions to choose the one best for you. What material would you prefer? How often do you use your shower? How much time are you ready to dedicate to cleaning the curtain?

Shower curtains are mostly made of fabric. The assortment of textile materials on the market is impressive.

For starters, there are such simple fabrics as burlap, linen, cotton, hemp, percale, denim, and toilet. If you want to add a luxury vibe to your bathroom, you may pick a deluxe fabric, in which case, options like satin, brocade, silk, and nylon are available to you.

However, the best fabric for shower curtains is polyester as far as the optimum is considered. This material has many advantages. It is waterproof and dries quickly. Besides, it is mildew-resistant, which makes polyester perfect for the bathroom. At the same time, polyester curtains are not too expensive.

Vinyl curtains are also rather popular. However, PVC has been proven harmful to health and environment. You can find out more about that in this article.


Have a look at your bathroom before choosing the shower curtain. If it has a classic design, make sure to choose a curtain with soft colors and traditional design. If your bathroom has the modern style, there are many print options for you.


If you want a curtain that is easy to clean, try a polyester one. Hemp, cotton, and linen are also easy to maintain. Other fabrics, however, require delicate cleaning and cannot be machine-washed.


If you use your shower several times a day, consider purchasing a waterproof curtain.

Product Features

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