Any small business owner who spends any time doing promotion for their company has probably realized that there has been a huge shift in marketing over the past few years. Traditional methods of marketing such as television and billboard ads are becoming less and less useful every day. Online marketing, however, seems to be getting larger on a daily basis. Social media marketing is a huge part of the online marketing world, and YouTube has become a force within this world.

Many solopreneurs realize that social media is almost a necessity in making their business successful, but they often fail to realize that YouTube can supplement current social media campaigns and even stand on its own. In fact, there have been companies that have increased their sales by over 700% by strictly sticking to a YouTube marketing campaign that any small business owner could’ve done at home.

Creating a YouTube channel is the first step in making waves in social media marketing via video. This channel will allow a solopreneur to upload videos which can then be shared on other social media websites or viewed directly by YouTube users who have already connected with a business. YouTube literally provides a free service that is worth more than many paid advertising options out there.

Using YouTube to reach success, however, is a process. It’s not a difficult one, but there is definitely a time commitment involved. Once a solopreneur knows the basics of YouTube and how its social media aspect comes into play, they can get started on a successful campaign. Any small business owner who chooses not to have a presence on YouTube is shooting themselves in the foot; metaphorically speaking, of course.