Rev. Ted Pike, with the help of other prominent preachers, is probably best-known for establishing the National Day of Prayer, which was signed into effect by President Ronald Reagan before Rev. Pike and others. Pike had worked for this for some time, often commissioning planes to display messages in the air, as shown in an attachment here.

In this dynamic video by Rev. Ted Pike, he lambastes what he describes as an “unholy alliance” between Christian fundamentalists and Zionists–an unearthly match made somewhere far from heaven. He describes the tensions that have been created around the world from this alliance–an alliance that has outraged much of the world and has driven the Arabs to a frenzy. While some may say that Israel is America’s only “friend” in the Mid-East (which is certainly a loose term, considering Israel bombing the U.S.S. Liberty and also the LaVon Affair, when Israel destroyed the U.S. Library of Information, not to mention Israel bombing England’s King David Hotel, etc.), before Israel, America had no enemies in the Mid-East.

Rev. Pike describes his thought-provoking video here as such:

“A century ago the Arabs were at peace with the West, allies in World War I. Then, in violation of God’s Law that Jews must obey Jesus Christ in order to reoccupy His promised land, Zionist leaders set up a Jewish state in Palestine. From that moment, Mideast tensions mounted. Ultimately, after nearly a century of Zionist abuses, the Arab world has been driven to frenzy. This is not only against Israel, but against its arch supporter, Christian America.

“Why has Jewish presence in Palestine proven so abrasive to the Arab world? Why do most Evangelicals unblinkingly support Israel’s false leaders? These are questions ‘Zionism and Christianity: UNHOLY ALLIANCE’ plumbs as never before.”

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